Claudius Ruc-Projects Updated 
Projects at RUC
1. & 2. Semester: Computer Science

Duration on of 7.5 ECTS points projects:
5-6 weeks at the end of this semester is dedicated to the completion of this project. However the project scope is handed out early in the semester and students are required to start the projects side by side with the "traditional" teaching in the first 8 weeks of the semester.

Here are posted some of the best but not all of the best as some of them are not available in electronic form and some are classified as strictly confidentially due to the company's policy.
Year 2002 Advisors: Michael Claudius
doCalendar Calendar system in Java. 1. semester.
Ole Teglbjærg, Rune Dittmer, Torbjørn Nielsen
Hausfrau Coming up soon!
Maren Granlien, Louise Koch, Krsten Nilsson, Sine Øelund

Take also a good look at some 2'nd semester projects at the Datamagicans Course.
Especially look at the project establishments and see if you can use something. 

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