Software Construction 2nd semester, fall 2013 (subject to change)

Lecturer: Ebbe Vang

Last modified: September 8, 2013


Date / Week Subjects Litterature & Links
Week 43

  • Searching and sorting
  • Big O
[Deitel12] chp 18
GUI to show sorting algorithms

Week 44
  • Testing
MSDN VIDEOS: Improving quality with tests and fakes

MSDN: Walkthrough unit tests
MSDN: Running Unit Tests with Test Explorer
MSDN: Verifying Code by Using Unit Tests
MSDN: How to create a Unit Test Project

slides: Binary numbers and unittesting

file: IBinaryNumber.cs
Week 45
  • Threads
ThreadRace project
Threaded programming (MovingCars)
car race solution
Week 46
  • Processes and Tech
    • Binary Numers
    • Hex numbers
binHex exercise