System development Methodologies . Week plan 3.Semester




Readings / Slides/ Videos

week 35    

      Introduction  to the course

        Introduction  to Agile  development approach 


        Quality -product

        Quality Assurance

         Quality planning

         Quality Control


Agile and Plan-Driven Development methods - Slides

Be the worst from Agile Record : literature

Ten Usability Heuristics  : slides

10 Usability Heuristics : Assignement

Heuristic Evaluation : Assignement

week 36                           



         Quality -product

        Quality Assurance

         Quality planning

         Quality Control

          Software measurements and Metrics

        Quality Factors 

         Quality -product

         Process Improvement

        CMMI   improvement framework

 Bring  your repport from Last Semester , next Time

Sommerville Chap 25 Quality Management- Slides

Assignement : quality attributes

Article : Quality Factors

Quality Factors : Slides

Quality Factor: Assignement

Sommerville Chap 26 : process Improvement- Slides Maturity Model Integration

week  37



  • Software Testing

  • Test Driven development and Refactoring

  • Quality Reviews, Inspections and WalkThrough.

Software Testing : Chap 8 Sommerville- Slides

UPEDU Chapter 7 . Testing - Slides

Software Testing : Assignement


week  38


Software Architectures

  • Architecture Design
Architecture Design: Chap6  Sommerville-Slides
Week 39

Software Architectures

  • Distributed Systemsarchitecture
Distributed System Architecture : Chap18 Sommerville - Slides

week 40

Software Architectures

  • Distributed Systemsarchitecture


 Chap18 Sommerville - Slides

Week 41

Software Architectures

  • Service Oriented Architecture
Service-Oriented Architecture: Chap 19 Sommerville Slides- Slides




week 43



week 44




week 45



week 46

week 47
week 48
week 49