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Software architecture and Distributed Programming
Opdateret :  2015-01-28

Teacher Peter Levinsky (LV) e-mail:          PETERL_ATT_RHS.DK  (6 letters ending with a l for Levinsky - replace _ATT_ with @)
  Home-page:        laerer.rhs.dk/peterl


The teaching will be theroretical ie. normal teaching in the class room, together with practical exercises on your computers.

In this 16 weeks you will be working with basic program issues within Software architecture and Distributed Programming.
So you will not be any expert, but you should be a good programmer with some abstract thinking and good programming skills. - This though need training :-)

During classes you will have approximately 10 lessons a week, but this is only the half of the work.
We expect you will have to study 8 hours by your self or in groups to really understand and get knowledge of the topics og this course.


Basis: The two courses"Software Architecture and Distribuerede Programs" (me - Peter) and "Computer Network and Distributed Systems" (Michael).

Form: Oral and practical examination. In this technical course you will get an oral question

Duration: 80 minutes preparration and 40 minutes examination.

Besides see advise from Anders