About Per S. Laursen


I was born december 4th, 1967, and grew up - except for a 2-year period in Kalundborg  - in Skovlunde, a typical suburb of Copenhagen. My parents were an elementary school teacher and an engineer


I attended elementary school at Rosenlundskolen in Skovlunde, during 1973-83. During that time, Rosenlundskolen was one of Denmarks largest elementary schools, attended by about 1.500 students


Next stop was Borupgaard Amtsgymnasium, during 1983-86. Here I got my high school diploma - specialising in Math and Physics - and started to gain interest for computers. I didn't have a Commodore 64, though...


After high school, I studied Computer Science and Physics at the University of Copenhagen. In 1994, I received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, specialising in Combinatorial Optimisation and Parallel Computing


Following my time at the university, I worked with software development for many years (1995-2008), for a number of companies in the private sector (PDC, PWC, Bruhn Newtech, Saxo Bank, Oticon)


I am now employed as a teacher here at EASJ (called ZIBAT in english), where I teach subjects related to software development at the Computer Science and PBA Web educations at EASJ.


I live in Smørum with my wife Rikke, our two children (Rasmus, born 1996, and Mie, born 2000), and our dog Abby (born 2011). When time permits, I slay fierce monsters and other assorted enemies in World of Warcraft...